Finer Opportunities for the telecom Indusrtry

To address these competitive challenges, the most innovative carriers, infrastructure providers and device manufacturers are looking for internal transformations that will help them better manage the complexities inherent in the highly competitive digital marketplace. This includes transformations that can help smooth the transition from hardware-centric manufacturing to the development of hardware, software and services offerings.

New competitors, new opportunities

One of the major challenges for the telecommunications, computing and networking industry is the arrival of new competitors, in a context where the convergence of the broadband, media and information technologies sectors is continuing. Telecommunications companies are now looking to exploit the new opportunities created by the Internet of Things, the rise of mobile payments, 5G, cloud computing and other digital developments, but they face competition from traditional telecommunications companies and from other sectors. From the a1 telecom group this is a very important matter now.

Integrate customer expectations into the entire development process

To succeed in the highly competitive telecommunications sector, it is crucial to develop engaging customer experiences, provide personalized services, strong customer support and high network quality.

It also requires opening up the scope of innovation to social ideas and articulating, understanding, capturing and validating customer needs throughout the product and service life cycles.

Offer customers configurable and modular offers

Products such as mobile devices, ground equipment, satellites, earth stations and other equipment have always been complex. To simplify these products and to cope with cost and time-to-market constraints, telecommunications, IT and network companies are increasingly adopting a modular, variant-oriented approach to product development. apply this modularity to hardware, software and services components.

Flexible manufacturing to meet the volatile demand

The Internet of Industrial Objects (IoT) allows you to make faster decisions based on more accurate, intelligent, and automated planning, manufacturing, and distribution information.

The digital integration of manufacturing planning, execution and demand planning on a single platform allows you to achieve the production speed and agility required in today’s highly competitive and competitive markets sensitive to cost variations.

Leverage PLM Analytics to improve performance

Making smarter decisions faster is essential to stay one step ahead of the competition. Employees need information that is concise and timely, tailored to their needs, whether they are commercial, project managers or senior managers.

This is particularly important for innovation and product development in the high technology sector

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